Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The perils of blogging

I've been blogging now for about 2 months, and have really enjoyed the responses all the posts have received.

As a blogger it is quite normal to just blast out a post in 10 minutes while you're 'in the moment' and it quickly gets posted onto various social networks for all to read.  The thing about that is, I often don't think about who is actually reading my stuff.

With a blog of this nature (quite personal) you make a decision to effectively publicise your life to the world, and now I'm on a proverbial roll I don't want to (nor think I should) stop.  My life, chaotic as it may be, is 'out there' for anyone to read.  So what have I learnt so far in my short blogging career thus far?

1.  People find it quite amusing to read.  I'm still not sure if the people I know who make these commets laugh at me or with me (!) but I like to think they're enjoying the writing none-the-less.

2.  Ex boyfriends are actively reading my blog.  A fact I am now used to, but found quite bizzarre when confronted with an ex a few weeks ago on a night out.  he asked me if the 'commitment phobe' post was about him?!  (NO, was the answer of course!)  I dated this guy briefly about 10,000 years ago and to his dis-credit he was a commitment phobe, but it's all so far in the past that I wouldn't have even related the two!
(Feel at this point I should do a shout out to this guy, who I hope enjoys this post and doesn't take my comments to heart!)

3. Ex boyfriends whom I DO write about often read too much into the content and don't appreciate the humour of the situation!  For my first ever post I wrote about a more recent ex whom I have been doing the 'are we aren't we' dance with for the past few months.  It was only a small thing, and in no way offensive or angry, yet I received a message off him saying 'I read your blog (just curious) and saw a few things that made me think you may be p****d at me?"

4.  Potential new dates read my blog.  A fact I thought I was comfortable with (and largely I am), but recently I've received a few strange, out of the blue messages from guys who I thought were relatively classy.

A real life example is as follows:
Guy:  Hey commitment phobe ;)   - a nod to my post about me being a commitment phobe also!
Me: So I see you read my blog.  What do you think?
Guy: I think it's great, very funny.  
Me: Thanks, I enjoy writing it!
Guy:  Can I ask you a personal question?
Me: Go on...
Guy:  How sexually adventurous are you?
Me: I've never even met you before...that's a little bit forward really!!

So you see, this guy felt he already knew me just through way of reading my blog.
Trouble is, his perception of me was misplaced.  Yes.  I blog about dating, my lovelife and the many many car crash encounters I have with the opposite sex.
The only difference between me and lots of single girls is the fact I blog about my expereinces (good and bad!) but that doesn't make me any more adventurous in the bedroom, or some kind of maneater!

5.  I will contine to blog EVEN if I do get into a relationship.  And whoever I finally end up with will just have to deal with that!  Besides, the right guy will love me and my writing!

So here's to a very merry Christmas and may the New Year bring with it lots of interesting things to write about!

Enjoy yourselves!


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  1. Hi Lovelies,
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a liebster award because I love your blog!

    Just Nicolette