Thursday, 28 November 2013

Leg Envy!

So tonight I settled down to watch I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here NOW, The Spin off Show after the main show, and as I was watching it I just couldn't keep my eyes off a certain pair of legs on show.
Laura Whitmore! This girl has the most amazing legs I have ever seen, I mean she can literally pull off any type of outfit that shows off her legs.

Being a man, I am fond of ladies legs. But as a Cross-dressing Man, I am also envious of them. I will be honest and say that many people who have seen me in full Cassie Get up have commented on my slender, feminine legs and I LOVE that. I still get envious of legs on a lot of women (and some men) on a daily basis.

I personally spend a lot of time making my legs look and feel the best, regardless of whether I have to cover them up at work and during my normal male life. I moisturise and even tan them as well as keeping them smooth all year round. I have moved onto waxing them as shaving never gave me the right feel.

I remember when I first shaved my legs and the feeling I got from seeing them was immense. Ask any other Cross dresser and they will tell you the same thing. I find smooth legs to be one of the most feminine things ever. What I find hilarious is that a lot of ladies I talk to complain about keeping their legs smooth and it makes me smile the amount of effort I go through just to get them hidden daily compared to a lot of my natural girl friends who'd rather throw on some jeans to cover up their hairy legs.

So I guess this post was about legs. I love legs and like to keep mine smooth and moisturised. What products do you use to keep yours in good nick?

Thanks for reading
Cassie x

All I want for Christmas is...gorgeous looking skin

After months of mother asking me what I'd like for Christmas this year; I've finally found something that gets my heart racing:  it's la prairie Skin Caviar foundation - and since discovering this item I have been dreaming of flawless skin without getting that awful 'caked' look which always seems to happen during the cold winter months.   Awful isn't it - during winter my skin gets massively dry and flaky, and in summer it's an oily mess so I'm unable to wear foundation anyway :-( 

 Yes, okay - so it's pretty pricey at £134, but it triples up as a concelaor and skin treatment as well as a silky finish foundation!
So how has it taken me so long to buy into this product?  I mean, I'm a massive believer in spending money on something if it's going to be a real benefit to me.
Truth be told, I let a good friend buy it first and report back to me - you've gotta be cautious during a recession!
She came into work today with skin like a porcelein doll (not the creepy kind!).  The formula is so lightweight yet dense in pigment that it gave her a finish on her face that looked like her skin (only better!).
Yes - I was concerned about the price initially, but hey - It's Christmas and I deserve beautiful skin now I'm officially 'getting myself out there' on the dating scene!

So let me know before I order:  Do you think it's worth the price?  Or do you think the old cost and worth argument weighs it out?

One things for sure:  Cassie will be the first one to try it if I do decide to buy, so be prepared for lots of over-excited blogging on how fantastic she feels with her 'second skin!'

Until then,
Much love


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

You know you're dating a hipster when...

So, this blog post is taking a slightly different angle.  Rather than blogging about my usual topics I felt it neccesary to tell all of you about a few of the personality 'traits' I've noticed in various guys since hitting the dating scene.
 I've had the misfortune of meeting one too many 'hipsters' in recent months (and it's always ended badly!)  Whilst you may think dating a hipster could be, dare I say it:  Cool, perhaps a read of my hipster checklist will make you think twice!


  • Buy literary classics for the bookshelf and then ensure a few are laid out strategically on coffee table when you come over.
  • Probably never read these books, but you can bet your peacoat they're tweeting about it!
  • Randomly point at things and say 'that's cool' as if their acknowledgment is endorsement is enough, and there is no room for comment  
  • Buy you a birthday present which they know they'll love, rather than you:   "Oh, a signed copy of Oasis greatest hits album on vinyl that doubles up as a thoughtful are we?!"
  • Nod their head to any 'cool tunes' they hear whilst in a queue, walking past a bar, eating at a restaurant....oh, anywhere really!
  • Tell you that the new band you love who've just hit number one were 'much better before they went commercial.'
  • Have social media bios with phrases like "I live my life in colour" as if the rest of us mere mortals live in some morose shades of grey
  • Don't like having their picture taken, unless they can be in complete control of the photo editing before it hits facebook.  A sepia tint to an image always makes a hipster feel good.
  • Are the first people to talk about that new Starbucks coffee flavour...and the first to go off it.
  • Copy the style of a hipster celebrity then, when people start making comparisons, claim that actually, they've had this image for years.
  • Tut and shake their head when you get a little bit excited by mainstream (or worse) cheesy pop
  • Take being called 'a hipster' as a massive compliment.

I hope this post has been of some help (and amusement) to you.  I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it because now I have my very own hipster checklist to refer back to as I prepare to meet new people!
Would love to hear if you've ever dated/are dating a hipster.  Perhaps you're one yourself?

Until next time...thanks for reading!

Love, Scarlett xoxox

Monday, 25 November 2013

Cassie's Christmas Tag

This is my first tag, and what better one to kick off my blogging tag future with...........It's CHHHRRRRRIIIISSSSSSTTTTMMMMMMAAASSS!

Well in a few weeks it will be. I for one am a huge fan of Christmas, always have been. For me Christmas is a great time to spend quality time with family and friends and generally have a jolly good time. Although for a Guy who delves into becoming a woman, and being closeted to most family members, Cassie doesn't get much time out at Christmas, BUT she does benefit from vouchers and clothes from people in the know.

So, anyway, this tag I found on quite a few other blogs and thought I would try it out. Hopefully Scarlett will do one too. So anyway, here we go...

1.  Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I am 100% synthetic! I have had bad experiences with Real Tree's in the past involving the needles and I promised myself I would never get a real tree again. Plus I hate the whole watching it die in the wake of Christmas too.

2.  You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
I don't tend to fall for the novelty Christmas drinks in the coffee shops. I usually like to add lots of cream and a few marshmallows at Christmas.

3.  What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
It has to be Greens, Reds and Gold. I am very old fashioned. I like the Green and Red lights and baubles mixed in with a bit of gold glitter to liven it up.

4.  Giving or receiving?
Now, I won't lie, I LOVE receiving! Especially when close friends of Cassie buy me stuff for Girly nights in or out. It is something special when a cross dressing guy opens up a new make up set or pair of heels. So as Cassie I love receiving new gear.

5.  To mince pie or not to?
I am not a mince pie fan. Too much stuff crammed in such a small pie.

6.  What's your traditional sunday lunch?
Turkey! Turkey with all the trimmings. I love the mixture of Turkey, veg and Stuffing. I am such a pig I top my plate up with so much food I send myself into a coma.

7.  Christmas day fashion
Well as my usual Male self I opt for comfortable trousers and jumper. but seeing as this is Cassie's blog, and she has never experienced a Christmas out I suppose I'd say my ideal outfit. I would really glam up for Christmas. I would have a nice velvet dress, in homage to Mrs Claus, and some red tights/leggings. I would embrace the red theme of the day and maybe throw some fluffy fake fur in there somewhere too. Santa Baby!

8.  What's your favourite Christmas song?
Merry Xmas (War is Over) - John and Yoko. I LOVE this song so much, it is such a christmas classic and I can sing and hum the chorus non stop during December.

9.  What's your favourite Christmas film?
There is so many to choose from. Elf, Scrooged, The Santa Clause. But the one that I watch every year now is "Four Christmases" with Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon. The film is hilarious and really brings out the humour and Christmas spirit about families.

10.  Open presents before or after lunch?
I am still a massive child. I still like open my presents before lunch. Only because I always have and no when I think about it, I'd rather relax after lunch and play with my gifts. Ha I am such a child.

So There you go. I Tag EVERYONE so send me your links and I'll check them out. Put them in the comments or tweet me.

Thanks for reading.
Cassie xox

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A VERY productive Shop!

So after work today I sat on the couch with a glass of whiskey (Yes! I love a tipple in the winter) watching the TV when suddenly I received a text message from another buddy of mine who happens to dabble in the art of "Cross-dressing".....yes another guy who dresses in women's clothing! Crazy isn't it?! 
Well, lets call her Michelle, text me out of the blue like she does. Michelle is somebody I met online via other girls like me and we met up one night and hit a "Transvestites Night" in Bristol. Since then we have kept in touch as she keeps me updated with any special nights out in the future.

As somebody who has been called "A Lazy Tranny" in the past, I tend to make my nights out as Cassie limited as I am still in the closet as they say (Does the blog name make a bit more sense now?) but if the right night approaches and I can organise my schedule, I try my best to let Cassie get the legs out and party away. 
Anyway, I digress, Michelle text me to tell me the date of the annual Christmas Transvestite/T Girl party that I have been to and to get a dress ready as it's going to be "Off the Hook" - Her words not mine!
So I immediately jumped on the laptop after getting the "deets" - again her words not mine, she is 23 after all!. I jumped onto my favourite online shop

I have bought various of items from there such as Dresses, Jumpers and even shoes!. I am quite lucky as it goes as, as a Man I have a fairly feminine body. I am a good size 14-16 so a little curvy, my shoulders are not very broad, my legs are slim and long and my feet can fit into a woman's size 8! 
So Shopping here I can find the perfect dress to go out and party.

After a while of searching I decided to pick out and order The Definitions Textured Bodycon Dress.

Definitions textured Bodycon Dress from

I Loved the look of this straight away. The length was perfect, Long enough to look classy and short enough to show off the legs. I love the sleeves as I am not a fan of showing off my arms yet. Although they aren't big I want to tone them up Michelle Obama style more.
The fit of the dress will suit my frame, hopefully, and I hope the dress will look demure enough and not too "Tranny Trash"
And at the reasonable price of £49.00 I was happy to purchase. I wouldn't usually spend so much on a dress but as this is for a proper night out and not a local night out I thought why not.

South Roberts glitter Platform Heels from

I also went for a lovely pair of South Roberts Glitter Platform Heels. I Love the Blue colour and think they will go well with the dress. The size i needed was an 8 and that's the highest they had so lucky there.
These are a steal at the price in my eyes! only £15.00 down from £30.00! So I snapped these up sharpish.

So I am all ready for my night out in a few weeks time. I have invited Scarlett to come along, but no doubt she will be too busy trying to find a date online (Wait for her online dating saga). 
With Xmas parties coming up, what are you all wearing? would love to hear what outfits you'll be showing off.

Anyways, Thanks for reading
Cassie xox

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Indulgent Christmas: How to enjoy the Adult Advent ritual

If you're one of those 'bah humbugs'  who refuse to give into the Christmassy feeling until 1st December....stop reading now (you will be disappointed!).  

If you're continuing to read on:  Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Chriisstmaaass!!

I'm a sucker for all things festive, and whilst I can't deny the happiest I've ever been is with a Mojito, on a sunlounger, in the Maldives; I know I'd have to pay a LOT of money to get that feeling every day! 
So Christmas is that time of year I try and create that warm, cosy feeling every single week.
As a general rule, I start my own weekly Christmas ritual just after Bonfire Night.  It's like advent for grown ups, and I call it 'The Boyfriend Buster' because (as many friends that follow my ritual have noted) it makes you feel so indulged and cosy that you actually start to wonder whether you'll ever want to have to give up your home/sanctuary/time to a man-being!

Here's what it involves (but you can add or take away to suit you!):

  • Devote one evening in your diary for a lonnggg soak in the bath.  I'm talking bubbles up to the ceiling, scented candles...the works.  The only stipulation I have is that you must emerge from the tub only once your body resembes a Christmas fig!
  • Facemask, blackhead nose strip, exfoliator, cocoa butter deep moisturiser (all over)  I love to do this as soon as I'm out the bath, beacuse my pores are open and I also feel soo relaxed!
  • Let hair dry naturally.  I do this every week without fail (not just during Adult Advent/The Boyfriend Buster).  Not only does it give my poor hair a rest from being blasted by heat, but with a little Lee Stafford 'There come the curls', I get natural looking waves ready for the morning!
  • Paint nails (toe and hands) because there's nothing worse than feeling a million dollars at work the next day, but having to hide those chipped talons from colleagues! (difficult when required to type a lot!).
  • Tanning moisturiser.  I use St Tropez daily moisturing lotion, which gives me a lovely natural glow without looking out of place (nobody likes an orange person ruining a winter wonderland).  Tip:  Only do this once the cocoa butter moisturiser has fully soaked in or it could come out uneven.
  • Polar Bear Onesie time!  (Ok, that's just me...but seriously...I have the most amazing super soft white onesie, complete with hood and ears)  Investing a bit of money in a good quality onesie is well worth it over Xmas.  It makes you feel you're being constantly hugged, and keeps you warmer than a dressing gown.
  • DVD and popcorn, plus a huge box of chocs:   I use lovefilm to order a film each week, and buy in surpless amounts of salted popcorn ready for my special evening!  As for the chocs, you shouldn't scrimp on your indulgent evening, so I always make sure I get a box of my favourite Thorntons chocs!
Someone once told me that it's the small things that make us happy - if only we'd let them.  I try and live to that sentiment.  Creating little moments to look forward to.  It doesn't have to cost the earth!  I've even started planning ahead with my moments - pencilling in dates in the New Year which I'll soon forget.
The idea is once I turn the page to see how my week is filling up - there will be my own special little moment to look forward to!  

I'd love to hear if any of you do your own Adult Advent ritual over Xmas.....and I hope if you don't this has given you some form of warm fuzziness which will spur you on to create your own perfect night in of indulgence!

Till next time


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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just a Regular Tuesday Evening

So whilst co-blogger of this blog Scarlett gets ready for her date this weekend, and ignoring my phone calls (she blames her phone, I say she's blanking me because she doesn't want me to brag about being right her Ex!) I spent my Tuesday evening as Cassie.
Now for those thinking I spend a lot of my time dressed as a female will be sorely mistaken. In fact, lie I have said previously, its possibly a twice weekly thing. I mean I am sometimes tired from work so can't be bothered to even drag up (I use drag up, even though I'm not a drag queen). Some nights after work I end up in the pub with my usual males mates and no trace of femininity exists.

But tonight I planned an evening delving out the glad rags and heels for a night in watching......The football! Yes I know not very girly I know, but regardless I needed some Cassie time. All this blogging and tweeting to new people under the Cassie tag made me want to bring her out more.

So I left work at usual time and headed home. Grabbing some make up from the train station that I needed. I went for some Ruby Woo Red Lipstick. A Lippy that I am so fond of and can't live without. Buying make up at places like Boots now is natural for me, I don't even flinch when buying it along with a copy of Grazia. I don't care. And that's something I have felt good about.

I arrived home just before 6pm and it takes me roughly 45 minutes to get fully glammed. I am already a clean and smoothly shaven man so my entire grooming routine allows me less time to mess about transforming from Guy to Girl.
So around roughly 7pm my House mate arrives home from work. She usually works late on a Tuesday so likes to bring home takeaway. She brings home my fav tonight, which is Dominoes!! I know a girl should watch her figure but I needed this. I am a Pizza Addict!.
Anyway my house mate, lets call her Gemma (Not her real name) has always been a fan of Cassie and I sometimes feel like she's disappointed when she turns up and I'm not in Cassie mode. I can see it in her eyes when she walks in and I'm sitting in my joggers watching the football or something.

So My Tuesday night consisted of eating pizza, watching the football (We lost!) and having a few glasses of wine. Me and Gemma can simply chat away like there's no tomorrow. She is a funny girl, possibly one of the funniest girls I know. she hates Football, but LOVES taking the piss out of it.

So there you have it. The real life of a Crossdresser. It is that simple. I spent time to look all girly just to sit around my living room being lazy. Why? I have no idea. It is like an urge. I needed to escape my boy life for a few hours. I became Cassie for a few hours and felt relaxed. Thats what dressing up means to me. Some nights I like to go out clubbing to the local T Girl friendly bar and some nights I spend sitting in. Either way it's about giving myself an outlet. 

Now this Blog allows me to share my way of life. I hope you enjoy it. 

Thanks for reading
Cassie xoxox

The Dating Ex-ercise begins

So, I never did find out exactly what I said to my ex in that 'creepy voicemail' as he so tactfully tweeted....but as my mother always says; some things are better not knowing.

Anyway, I've been feeling fragile and a little bit disconnected from my peers lately.  (I'm not a total misery, but my broken phone is making it difficult to be invited to anything!)
Starting to wonder if this has forced me into becoming one of those saddos who just spend their nights on social networks & doesn't have any real conversations??
Hmm...saddo by default.  Not sure I fancy that on my gravestone.

As I am on a mission to get over said ex (and have been rather unsuccessful this past 3 years) I decided to get onto this online dating malarkey.  Shuddering at the thought of yet another Xmas of mother dropping in various men's names, (along with bank balance and attractive capital assets) into EVERY conversation:

"I know he's grey, and his daughter is your age...but he DOES have a boat!"

...whilst over at my fathers for Boxing Day, he repeatedly uses his favourite line to shame me into settling down:

"Nobody wants to marry Marilyn Monroe."

What does that even mean?  I'm sure Marilyn was married?!  

As with creepy voicemail-gate situation, I fear it is better not asking the question (I can only assume father thinks his eldest daughter is into flashing panties over air vents).

Anyhow;  I digress.  So I got persuaded into online dating by a few older and 'wiser' colleagues a few days ago.  I'm nothing if not a massive sceptic and a hopeless romantic; so online dating seemed the most rubbish idea in the world since voting Conservative that year I decided I was a yuppie :-/.

As it turned out, I became wanted property and actually had a healthy pick of some normal looking men.  I've even agreed to go on a date with one who lives not far from me (but not before lots of much needed Google detective work!).

Really REALLY need to speak to Cassie about this MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH in my life......
The only trouble is, my god damn phone keeps cancelling her calls :-(  

Looks like I'll be going for girly advice elsewhere this time, so if you've got any dating tips for an old amateur please let me have em!

Love much

Scarlett xoxo

Monday, 18 November 2013

Suit and Ties VS Skirt and Heels

"who is she?"

So Today I was at work, busy away being boring and dull, trying to get work done to schedules and timelines whilst drinking copious amounts of coffee. This is a daily routine for me. The Daily grind for....well lets say Conner (Not my real name) is just like many guys out there working in office based environment. Lots of women work in my office and I have a great friendship with them. But to them I am jack the lad, fun loving and football loving *Connor. But what they don't know is when I leave work and head home to my cat and house mate I sometimes become Cassie! a Fun loving, Leggy Blonde (sometimes) who loves all things fashion.
So Today whilst I was sitting in on a dull mundane meeting with 6 other beautiful ladies I couldn't help but let Cassie take over my brain and entertain me. To do this, she simply analysed the fashion these ladies and it made that hour go fast. If only I could swap my suit and tie for skirt and heels!

Now each to their own is something I constantly hear from people and that is true, but to most people who know Cassie, know what this means to me. First off, I will not be making a transition at any point of my life. I am happy being *Connor and never want to stop that. Secondly, Cassie is an expression of me that comes out roughly twice a week in full (ie. make up, wig, heels the lot) and partly a few more nights a week (ie. pamper nights, waxing etc).

Cassie is my Alter Ego but for the purpose of this blog *Connor is my alter ego. With my blog posts I shall be Cassie and writing about her thoughts and ideas. So Hopefully over time you will all get to know her more and with the help of Scarlett we can make this blog fun and a good read.

Scarlett is the main blogger here. She is so talented and creative with her writing I can't wait for you all to read her posts. As for me, I aim to introduce you to the world of Cross-Dressing that shys away from those pesky bearded fellas in tights and bad make up. I want to show you Cassie and her thoughts on being a guy who looks good as a chick.

So I suppose this is a kind of introduction to my participation on this blog. Hope you enjoy.

Bye for now
Cassie xoxo


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Oops...I did it again. The ex-cruciating hangover

"So; how was your weekend?"

When esteemed colleagues <with normal lives and existences> ask me that v.general question on Monday morning, I shall give them one of 2 possible answers.

1) It was relatively chilled yet productive.  I caught up on my correspondance (yes, I DO have correspondance...don't look so surprised!) and painted my toenails whilst wearing a relaxing mud mask with Xfactor on in the background.

2) I got unashamedly drunk on a bottle of cheap Australian wine from the local shop and accidentelly on purpose left my ex a 'creepy voicemail.' 

NB: One of the above is a lie.

Nobody knows I commited such a heinous act on Friday night (well, nobody except said ex ... until now).  After I woke in a still-drunken haze the following morning, I got a familiar sick feeling which I usually associate with having done something cringeworthy but not yet having the brain functionality to recall it.

I stayed away from all manner of social media, knowing instinctively that this would give clues to path of destruction caused by the Australian Rose.   In fact, up until about an hour ago, I was happily living in blissful ignorance and meandering through remainder of the weekend.

Twitter log in commenced.

Timeline:  Nothing too bad.  Just me and Cassie talking guyliner and waxing (standard).
DM:  Here sat a message from the ex.  Very direct, very 'to the point' - rather like my mascara wand slipping and poking me in the iris:  "What's with the creepy voicemail? X"

Sh** sh** sh**!!! Checked phone: No record of a call.  Vaguely remember Cassie talking me out of sending him a DM...but I obviously did what I do best and rebelled against my straight talking (always right!) friend.
Took action of sorts by tweeting the only thing I could: 
 "Voicemail? Call?  I truthfully don't know what you are talking about??" 

Now I'm playing the waiting game...waiting for ex to kick me into touch & for Cassie to read this and spit feathers about me ignoring her 'brilliant advice' AGAIN! (Though honestly, I think the ex will be an easier one to handle!)

Till next time

Scarlett xoxo