Saturday, 28 December 2013


Hey All, Cassie here! I have been the worst blogger in the world. Whilst Scarlett has been blogging crazy about her ultra interesting love life and trials and tribulations of it, I have been spending the past few weeks getting over my Cassie Night out with spending time away from the heels and time with the family (many whom are still oblivious to the fact I have an eyelash curler in my man bag!)...........(I don't have a man bag)

So Christmas was extremely fun, I love spending time with my family and friends and even though not one bit of make up touched my face, I was still extremely happy. Which is nice, because I know some people with my hobby out there struggle to stay happy out of the Alter Ego. But for me, I was happy to step back from Cassie and be myself without any worries.

But now, a few days and copious amount of alcohol later I am getting back into the swing of daily life. Today was the first day I was back in my flat, minus house mate who is still on Xmas duty, and the first day I could sit back and relax.

So how did I relax? well I couldn't be bothered to glam up, I am still sporting Xmas stubble at the moment, so instead I decided to do some creative photo shopping of myself using Instagram and some fancy editing.
Which means I put Cassie's head on a models body for shits and giggles. Hence creating the perfect Cassie!

Cassie The Virtual Model
Why did I do this? Boredom and Creativity. Becoming Cassie is more about being creative rather than a sexual thing. I enjoy creating an image of femininity that I can never achieve.

So that's my Saturday! How was your Christmas?

Speak to you soon
Cassie xxx

PS. Sorry for the boring post xxx

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