Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Facebook gets my clock ticking

New Year.  A time to reflect (and get drunk doing so!)

Every year I feel the collosal build up to New Years Eve looming ever closer.  Every year I tell myself 'next year will be different.'  And that, at least, I am always right about.
Of course every new year will bring something different to the proverbial table that is 'my life.'  It is a depressing thought to imagine every year coasting by as mundanely as the last.

I love not knowing what's going to happen next (and that's every day, not just every year!).   Watching so many films makes me a little bit fairy-tale esque in my outlook on life.  Like Christmas for example; there are so many idealistic catchphrases we tell ourselves just to maintain an air of devout Christmas-ness:

"It's a magical time and anything could happen!" (well, why hasn't it happened before now?)

"At Christmas, you tell the truth!" (Yes, I got this one from Love Actually)

And new Years is much the same:

"Next year will be MY year!"  (Said every damn year, without fail.  Whilst slurring)
  "Something amazing is waiting to happen next year...I can feel it!" (No, no you can't.  That's just the champagne you swigged down 4 hours ago, waiting to come back up)

I'm naming it the 'what if' factor, and actually, if we lived like this every day of every year, we'd probably have a much more positive outlook on life.  That excitement of not knowing what will happen next is something that terrifies some of us, but we all do it with New Year.
And why?  Why at the end of 365 days is there this huge build up in which we culminate all of our past 12 months into 'highlights' and 'lowlights?'

Facebook is my personal favourite.  Yesterday i received an option to 'view my year.'
'Great' I thought.  'Let's take a peek at my social media highlights captured in a timeline.'

Now I don't know how facebook decides what constitutes a highlight, but apart from a picture of me graduating at the start of the year, and getting that Marketing job I'd been after for ages, I was left a little disappointed (and I thought my social media life was exciting?!)
  • One relationship beginning...and ending.  (Ew that was a mistake!  Hide from timeline)
  • One job ending and another beginning (makes me look a teensy bit flaky...hide from timeline)
  • A friend stuffing a huge Easter Egg into her mouth whilst at her desk (Yes. Brilliant. Keep it.)

So what to do with my social media New Year gallery?  Well, I've an option to share it at any time from now until the clock strikes midnight.  But I figured; the year's not over yet is it?
Just because Christmas is almost here and I'm feeling the momentous build up and singing Mariah Carey 'all I want for Christmas is you...' doesn't mean that's it.

There could be a monumental, life changing, um, change which happens to me before then...and (God forbid) if I share my year with everyone RIGHT. THIS. SECOND it will be missed out (and that will ruin my year unequivocally!)

So I'm waiting, just like the rest of us...for a Christmas miracle!  Because let's face it; you never, ever know what's going to happen.

Till next time


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